Earlier this week Jeb Bush tried to distance himself from his father and brother, stating “I’m my own man.” Now he is being compared to Ronald Reagan.

Jeb Bush is not is own man. His foreign policy team includes the same old neocons and “hawks,” polite-speak for warmongers, that advised his brother, his father and, yes, that paragon of the conservative movement, Ronald Reagan.

At the top of the list is the architect of the invasion of Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz, who served as deputy secretary of defense under Donald Rumsfeld in the first George W. Bush administration. A seasoned globalist, Wolfowitz was the president of the World Bank. His work at the Pentagon and State Department spanned party lines. He remains intimately connected to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, the neocon think tank that advocated the invasion of Iraq and harbored other notorious neocons, including John Bolton, Richard Perle and John Yoo.

Another crossover from the Reagan and Bush years is Stephen Hadley, who became lead national security adviser when Condoleezza Rice became secretary of state. Hadley, under the sway of VP Dick Cheney and the neocon “Vulcans,” was responsible of “mishandling” bogus intelligence that proved crucial in the propaganda campaign ahead of the Iraq invasion.

Other neocons and insiders include Robert Zoellick, James Baker, George Schultz (the legacy of deep insiders Baker and Schultz include Nixon, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George Bush) and a constellation of lesser figures, including Michael Hayden (CIA, NSA), Tom Ridge (DHS), Michael Chertoff (DHS), and Porter Goss (CIA).

The Washington Post, noting these connections, says “it’s important to remember that the foreign policy team of any Republican president probably would draw heavily from the experience of the past three Republican administrations — each of which had a Bush at or near the top,” and adds that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney included a number of the above names in his transition team.

“Each president learns from those who came before — their principles… their adjustments,” Jeb Bush said in a speech delivered in Chicago. “One thing we know is this: Every president inherits a changing world… and changing circumstances.”

In fact, every president inherits the agenda of the global elite and represents the “principles” of “those who came before,” predecessors handpicked by the financial elite and its political class.

Zero Hedge summarized on Thursday:

It may be hard to believe, but either one of the two status quo choices for U.S. President currently being force-fed down the American public’s throat will be almost unquestionably more imperial and warlike than Barack Obama. The reason is simple. Any society that apathetically stands by as one President after the other tramples on the Constitution will be subject to a litany of increasingly tyrannical, and even insane, leaders. This is why the oligarchy isn’t even pretending that we live in a Republic or a Democracy anymore. They are shoving our pathetic servitude right in our face by putting up these two preposterous and dangerous candidates.

If you still had any doubt, today we learn that Jeb Bush is actively surrounding himself with the exact same people who under the George W. Bush administration, masterminded the terrible tragedy known as the Iraq war.

The script calls for more terrible tragedies, including a possible catastrophic confrontation with Russia, an adversary bristling with nuclear weapons, and a wholly manufactured war with a wholly manufactured enemy, the Islamic State.

This agenda will go forward regardless of what candidate ultimately ends up in the White House.

During the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton gathered around her a coterie of insiders to advise her on foreign policy. The Council on Foreign Relations, the globalist group Clinton enthusiastically received “advice” from, put Clinton’s husband at the top of the list along with Madeleine K. Albright, Richard C. Holbrooke (now deceased), Lee Feinstein (senior CFR fellow), and Martin S. Indyk (former ambassador to Israel).

Recall it was Albright who said the engineered murder of 500,000 Iraqi children was a price worth paying. She also said, prior to the invasion of Iraq, that “if we have to use force, it is because we are America; we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall and we see further than other countries into the future, and we see the danger here to all of us.”

There was, of course, no danger to the American people from Saddam Hussein and Iraq. All such dangers were lies and fabrications invented by the people who may be placed in Jeb Bush’s inner circle.

The danger was to the hegemony of the United States government controlled by a small financial class of overlords and its outpost client in the Middle East, Israel.

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