Influential Alabama Senator Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who has emerged as the preeminent thought leader of the conservative nation-state movement, told voters that “now is the time for the GOP” to unite behind Donald Trump’s realignment of the Republican Party, and “embrace this opportunity to win working Americans on a platform of rising wages, American jobs, and the national interest.”

Sessions said that Trump is the only candidate who will be able to stop Obamatrade and enact trade deals that prioritize the interests of the American people. Sessions delivered a clear warning to Ohio voters in particular.

“The TPP will hammer the automobile industry in Ohio and American workers nationwide,” Sessions declared. At Thursday night’s debate, Trump “stood alone in his consistent opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and foreign currency manipulation,” Sessions said.

Sessions explained that Trump’s “determination to protect American workers from reckless trade and immigration policies will grow the Republican party and position us to win in November.” Sessions writes:

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