Kurt Nimmo
March 21, 2012

In an article posted on the Bloomberg website, the neocon propagandist, Jeffrey Goldberg, tells us an attack on Iran is “historically inevitable” and will not result in World War Three.

photoIran wouldn’t dare take out U.S. warships… or would they?

“Some Israeli security officials also believe that Iran won’t target American ships or installations in the Middle East in retaliation for a strike, as many American officials fear, because the leadership in Tehran understands that American retaliation for an Iranian attack could be so severe as to threaten the regime itself,” Goldberg writes.

Goldberg faithfully follows the Israeli propaganda narrative: the attack on Iran will be limited to striking nuclear targets that supposedly represent an “existential threat” to not only the Jewish state, but the entire world.

In an earlier article, Goldberg created hypothetical diplomatic conversations between Israel and the United States and wrote that “the Israelis will tell their American counterparts that they are taking this drastic step because a nuclear Iran poses the gravest threat since Hitler to the physical survival of the Jewish people. The Israelis will also state that they believe they have a reasonable chance of delaying the Iranian nuclear program for at least three to five years. They will tell their American colleagues that Israel was left with no choice. They will not be asking for permission, because it will be too late to ask for permission.”

In fact, the objective of the coming attack will not be to only take out Iran’s nuclear facilities and the current regime, but convert the country from a modern industrialized state into a post-Stone Age ruin similar to Iraq following a decade of sanctions and two brutal invasions.

Goldberg knows this. He is, after all, "the most influential journalist/blogger on matters related to Israel,” according to Michael Massing of the New York Review of Books. He also understands the settler mindset of the Israeli establishment and its hatred of all things Arab and Muslim (and Persian). Goldberg left college to move to Israel, where he served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a prison guard at the Ketziot military prison camp during the First Intifada.

Ibrahim Kazerooni , writing for Foreign Policy in Focus, cites a comment made by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the Charlie Rose Show in November to make the point that Israel’s obsession with Iran’s supposed nukes is little more than an excuse.

“With one honest comment, Barak demonstrated that the hysteria surrounding an Iranian bomb is, in fact, not about an ‘existential threat’ to Israel, but about the fact that: Israelis don’t want Iran to have a nuclear weapon because, if it does, Israel will not be free to continue its role as regional hegemon and to do whatever it wants in the Middle East. It will change the balance of power in the region,” Kazerooni writes.

This objective would undoubtedly stand even if Iran wasn’t pursuing a nuclear weapon as Israel and the United States claim ad nauseam.

Israel and the United States understand that a united Arab world is at best a distant dream and for all practical purposes Arab nationalism is dead. The Arabs do not pose a threat to Israel – as we are often told – and when they do, as in the case of Saddam Hussein, the United States takes care of them.

Iran is the only regional power that can effectively challenge Israeli hegemony. Jeffrey Goldberg, the Likudite Israelis, the neocons (who have a penchant for hating Arabs and Muslims more than their Likud comrades) and the political establishment in the United States know this. That’s why they are pushing the irrational narrative of apocalyptic Shiites working feverishly into the night to develop a nuke so they can wipe Israel off the map.

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