Jones Report | May 21, 2009

In exclusive, yet-unseen video filmed months ago, former governor Jesse Ventura outlines views he holds on waterboarding and "enhanced interrogations" with Alex Jones that he is only now espousing all across the mainstream media– including recent appearances on The View, Fox News and Larry King Live.

Ventura suggests that Dick Cheney should be waterboarded before supporting the controversial torture technique– but doesn’t believe his ‘weak heart’ would be able to survive the undergoing.

Ventura himself was waterboarded as part of his SERE school training and feels that no one who has been subjected to the treatment would ever advocate its systematic use.

[efoods]"It’s the complete sensation of drowning," Ventura says quite bluntly.

"Our country today is not the country I defended back in the 70s. In those days, you still had to be charged with a crime before you were guilty of it– and had to be charged even to be held. Today, it seems they can hold you as long as they want to– its absurd," Ventura added.


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