Thirty-three major media conglomerates are lobbying the government to legalize defamation so they can rake in massive profits from lying and discrediting people without fear of prosecution, Jesse Ventura revealed.

Ventura, who famously won a defamation lawsuit against the late Chris Kyle and his book publisher HarperCollins, said that the media outlets are trying to overturn his victory by attempting to decriminalize defamation.

“What they’re asking for is the ability to defame someone, make profits from it, and the person who’s been defamed has no rights… the [media] gets to keep all the profits,” he said Thursday on the Alex Jones Show. “So it could become profitable for them to defame people because the more they would defame and be able to make money off the defamation, the more money they make.”

The 33 media outlets include the New York Times, the Washington Post and even the Motion Picture Association of America, Ventura said, who also pointed out that the companies directly connected to Kyle are still ranking in the cash regardless of the lawsuit.

“A year ago at my trial, HarperCollins itself had made over $40 million on the book [American Sniper], the Kyle estate made $6 million and then the movie, I don’t know what that went to, about $300 million I heard, [with] the Kyle estate getting 5% of the net revenue,” he said while admitting his trial has drained him financially. “Taya Kyle is out doing speaking engagements for $100,000 a pop, and not that I begrudge her for that, but they’ve misled the public; she, her family and the estate has not had to pay one cent during this trial, which has gone into the millions for me.”

“They haven’t paid a cent because they’re covered by an insurance company.”

“It’s Jesse Ventura vs. the media and a major insurance conglomerate, and yet the media has portrayed it like I’m going after this widow and her children,” he added.

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