Independent Political Report
July 14, 2008

Potential Minnesota Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Jesse Ventura, was interviewed by Al Jazeera on April 9.

In the interview, he says of the two major parties: “They’ve turned the whole business of elections into panhandling and bribery,” and “These two parties now have America $9 trillion in debt.” Ventura says people who work their entire lives to leave something for their children are actually just leaving an inheritance that will be seized by government to service the national debt.

One remedy Ventura sees for crushing the “two-party dictatorship” is the inclusion of None of the Above as an electoral option at all levels. Ventura says he believes NOTA would win many races across the country. He also said a “wasted vote” is when you don’t vote your heart or vote your conscience. Ventura mentioned a Larry King poll that said 88% of respondents, of which there were more than 15,000, said Jesse Ventura should be running for president.

In describing himself as a “small-l libertarian,” Ventura says this of Libertarian Party members: “I found out that the capital-L Libertarians are anarchists, they don’t believe there’s any role for government at all. And I certainly believe there’s a role for government, I just believe it should be far more limited than what it is. I’m fiscally conservative, but I’m socially liberal.”

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