Aaron Dykes
October 20, 2009

Former Governor Jesse Ventura talks with Alex Jones about his upcoming truTV show ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and his take on current events.

In the first part of this interview, Ventura discusses the controversial awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, which he suggests lost its luster back in the 70s when now-advisor-to-Obama Henry Kissinger won the prize amidst his secret bombing campaign against Cambodia and the escalating war in Vietnam. Truly War is now ‘Peace.’

Part One: Jesse Ventura talks about Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and the Wars

Ventura also says he would have ended the wars and bring all the troops home from around the world, instead of mulling over a troop increase in Afghanistan (and meanwhile bombing Pakistan).

[efoods]Why neither Obama, McCain or any other figure from the Two Parties can never deliver good government or peace, Ventura says, is because both sides serve– systematically– their PARTY and never our country.

IN PART TWO of the interview, Jesse and Alex discuss Obama’s falling poll numbers, something Ventura points out he experienced as Governor of Minnesota, but wasn’t too bothered by- a function, he believes, of widespread dissatisfaction with single issues, and general partisanship.

Ventura criticizes the Republican National Convention in Minnesota during the 2008 election cycle which, much like the DNC in Denver, put in place a ‘martial law’-like police state, including storm troopers and razor wire to control dissent, and forcing attendees to go through massive security just to attend the event.

By contrast, the vastly successful ‘Rally for the Republic’ counter-convention held by Ron Paul– at which Ventura also spoke– had no more security than would an everyday basketball game. That freedom went hand in hand with the open and free talk that took place from figures Ventura says can actually be honest with the American people (unlike those in the major parties).

Jesse Ventura also blasted the 9/11 Commission Report which he compared to the Warren Commission Report which likewise sought to cover-up the truth of what happened. At some point, Ventura says, the Government decided that the people would NOT hear the truth about 9/11. He points out that Jonathan Farmer, lawyer for the 9/11 Commission, has come out warning that the truth was not told and must be known.

Dissent, Ventura warns in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, is the greatest form of patriotism. We must hold our elected officials ‘feet to the fire’ or else bad government is sure to be the result.

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