A Muslim teenager was arrested near a train station in Belgium with a rucksack full of explosives.

Police also found a bottle with the words “Allahu Akbar” written on it in his possession.

Officers were investigating smoke emanating from a construction site in the Molenbeek region of Brussels, which is considered a top jihadist hotbed in Europe.

Four youths were apprehended at the scene, and the main culprit remains in custody, reports De Telegraaf.

An investigation of the aspiring bomber’s computer revealed that he had been researching how to make explosives, and a raid of his home produced more bomb-making equipment.

The young jihadist claimed that his search history and cache of incendiary materials were related to his love of “video games and chemistry,” which has given authorities an excuse to obscure his obvious inspiration – Islamic terrorism.

“The profile of the 14-year-old is worrisome and that is why the prosecutor’s office has asked for his placement,” said Brussels public prosecutor, Ine Van Wymersch. “A placement for possession of explosive substances was requested, in a context where this young person seems to be disturbed by his video games.”

Jihadist attacks in Brussels have become commonplace, and Molenbeek, a true Muslim “no-go zone,” is at the heart of the problem.

When Belgian police raided a Molenbeek residence in March 2016, and arrested Saleh Abdeslam, one of the main killers in the 2015 Bataclan Theater massacre, riots erupted as his Islamist supporters and co-conspirators attacked law enforcement in retaliation. It was reported that the entire neighborhood knew they were sheltering the mass-murderer, and did so willingly.

The supposed ‘mastermind’ behind the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was also from Molenbeek.

Days later, Brussels was rocked by a coordinated triple bombing carried out by members of the same ISIS-linked terrorist cell responsible for the Bataclan slaughter.

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