Kurt Nimmo
March 14, 2010

Last week it was Jihad Jane. This week it is Jihad Jamie.

jihad jamie
Jamie Paulin-Ramirez is described as a lonely and emotionally distraught woman by her mother.

“Colorado mother Jamie Paulin-Ramirez was released from custody in Ireland after being arrested in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who angered many Muslims by portraying Mohammed with a dog’s body,” reports ABC News. “Though Paulin-Ramirez was released, her mother said in an interview with ABC News that the 31-year-old woman had been troubled for years, was taunted as a child over a hearing problem and the family was concerned that she had become radicalized.”

Paulin-Ramirez apparently told her Muslim stepfather that she would strap on a bomb in the name of Jihad. “It breaks my heart,” said her mother. “I don’t understand why she would turn her back on her country, turn her back on her family.”

ABC News asked if the woman the media is now calling Jihad Jamie would actually engage in terrorism. “I would like to believe that she’s not capable of it, but right now I don’t know who or what she is anymore. It’s possible,” said Christine Mott, the woman’s mother.

Mott described Paulin-Ramirez as troubled single mother who had been married three times previously.

On Saturday, the Denver Post reported that Paulin-Ramirez “began spending considerable time on the Internet in Muslim chat rooms, befriending JihadJane and other Muslim extremists — including Najibullah Zazi, the Aurora airport-shuttle driver who recently admitted his plot to bomb the New York City subway system. She also began wearing fundamentalist Muslim clothing, including a hijab, or head cloth covering everything except her eyes.”

MSNBC report on “Jihad Jamie” aired on March 13.

Her supposed Facebook page shows a woman covered in a hijab.

Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, is an obvious patsy who suffered from mental illness. She was so out in the open with her demented jihad rhetoric, she drew the attention of the FBI early on. She was arrested in October but her indictment was not rolled out until last week. It remains to be seen if she was actually capable of engaging in a terrorist plot.

Zazi is the idiot who allegedly traveled to an “al-Qaeda stronghold” in Pakistan to receive weapons training so he could fight with the CIA-Pakistan ISI created Frankenstein monster known as the Taliban. He was supposedly sent back to the United States with notes on how to mix explosives.

“This dumb ass actually bought large volumes of beauty supplies that contained hydrogen peroxide to make TATP, the explosive involved in the 2005 bombings of the London transit system, another MI5/6 op, which had a parallel terror-drill running with it as on 9/11,” writes Jerry Mazza.

If we are to believe the corporate media, it was the purchase of beauty supplies that tipped off the FBI. After his arrest, the feds claim to have found formulas for making triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, on Najibullah Zazi’s laptop.

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Zazi did not have a bomb. He was in possession of beauty products. If we can believe the FBI, Zazi had instructions for making a bomb. Instructions for making triacetone triperoxide are all over the internet. All of this makes a pretty weak case that Zazi the airport shuttle driver was a terrorist.

And then there is the case of Sharif Mobley, a New Jersey man arrested in Yemen and accused of working with al-Qaeda. “An American seized in Yemen in a sweep of suspected al-Qaida members had been a laborer at six U.S. nuclear power plants, and authorities are investigating whether he had access to sensitive information or materials that would be useful to terrorists,” the Associated Press reported last week.

After it was claimed the supposed Christmas bomber, Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, received instructions from al-Qaeda in Yemen, the impoverished country’s government “enthusiastically” accepted aid from the United States, according to USA Today. It now has a perfectly good reason to invent al-Qaeda terrorists out of thin air in order to feed at the U.S. foreign aid trough.

On January 27, the Detroit News reported that the State Department refused to revoke Abdulmutallab’s visa despite the fact that he was on a terror watch list and allowed him to board a plane in Amsterdam. He was escorted to the flight by a “sharp-dressed” man and videotaped while in flight.

All of this represents a full-court press on the part of the government and the corporate media to invent a scary homegrown Muslim threat and eventually demand more violations of the Bill of Rights and that more money be thrown down the global war on phony terrorism rat hole.

“You can’t miss the absurdist strain, but neither can you miss the deadly seriousness of it all, as deadly as the massacre at Fort Hood,” writes Mike Littwin for the Denver Post. “This is not to say there’s a terrorist, blond or otherwise, under every bed or that, to confuse matters more, we don’t have decidedly non-Muslim anti-government types who fly planes into federal buildings or try to attack the Pentagon. But the growing concern among anti-terrorist experts is the rise of home-grown Islamist terror.”

In order for this to work, however, the government will need to come up with terrorists who are not so obviously mentally or emotionally disturbed and incapable of pulling terrorist attacks. Peroxide and underwear bombers will not cut it even with sensationalistic headlines and incessant corporate media hype.

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