Froma Harrop
March 16, 2010

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Consider the case of “Jihad Jane.” Divorced twice (first marriage at 16), Colleen LaRose was arrested for drunkenness in Texas. She ended up living with a boyfriend in a Philadelphia suburb and taking care of his elderly father. Let’s say that LaRose was not one of life’s winners under conventional definitions.

But thanks to the Internet, LaRose could transform her drab self into an international woman of mystery: Jihad Jane. With her blond hair, blue eyes and American passport, LaRose became a very useful creature to radical Islamists. They told her to go kill a Swedish cartoonist, and she said OK.

And so who is Jihad Jane? Is she a real terrorist, or is she a disturbed woman who never played the cards of life very well — and perhaps not with a full deck?

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