The mosque attended by the Manchester suicide bomber has been described as a “jihadist” institution, and it has previously been accused of raising funds for an al-Qaeda affiliated terror group.

The Didsbury mosque was well known to Salman Abedi and his direct family. The terrorist learnt the Quran there, his brother taught Islamic lessons there, and his father, Abu Abedi, was a “well known” figure who performed the Muslim call to prayer.

On the ‘Muslims in Britain’ mosques directory, the institution is described as a “Salafi-Ikhwani” mosque, which “is a nicer way of saying jihadist”, according to Ghaffar Husain, head outreach at the Quilliam Foundation, a think-tank that has advised the Government.

Salafism is an austere, fundamentalist strain of Islam, with adherents aiming to live as Muhammad and the first Muslim did in the seventh century.

The mosque’s management is described as Syrian and Arab, and the city’s Libyan community, one of the largest in the UK, reportedly frequents it. The Abedi family lived just a short distance from the building and neighbours have talked about them flying a Libyan flag flying from their house.

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