Kurt Nimmo
November 22, 2012

Another fine example of the sort of every-day squandering of tax payer money by government. “Public servants” take the sort of behavior government socialite Jill Kelley and the Pentagon engaged in for granted, that’s why it will continue unabated short of drastic measures on the part of citizens. We witnessed a prime example of this mindset the other day when “public employees” demanded Congress leave them out of any budget cutting considerations now that the “fiscal cliff” (more like an abyss) rapidly approaches.

From a local television station in Tampa, Florida:

Not only did Jill Kelley have MacDill’s top brass over at her house, but 10 News has learned she also took multiple flights on military aircraft at taxpayer expense.

In at least one instance, Kelley flew to the nation’s capital with General John Allen, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan.

Top officers have access to VIP planes like the C-40, a sort of mini-Air Force One with special communications gear. There’s also a modified corporate jet, the C-37A, reserved for high-level officers.

10 News has made numerous requests for flight records to see just how many times Kelley has flown on government-owned planes, but so far the Pentagon says it has not been able to track down the answer.

You know, sort of like the trillions of dollars they were unable to find the day before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Read the rest here.

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