CNN reporter Jim Acosta appears to be madly in love with none other than — CNN reporter Jim Acosta, a journalist discovered Friday.

Fox News commentator Stephen Miller jokingly noted on Twitter Friday that Acosta’s profile is adorned with nothing but photos of Acosta.

While investigating the CNN employee’s recent message saying “Fuck You” to a former aide to First Lady Melanie Trump who made fun of the reporter, Miller suddenly spotted Acosta’s as far as the eye can see.

“Acosta’s profile is a picture of Jim Acosta, with a header picture of Jim Acosta looking at Jim Acosta who is looking at Jim Acosta’s twitter picture,” Miller quipped.

Miller’s analysis of the hilarious imagery quickly gained more than 1,000 retweets and invited a flood of jokes and memes.

Another Twitter user questioned whether “anybody loves anything as much as Acosta loves Acosta.”

Others incorporated the viral NPC meme into the thread as well.

Whether Acosta will one day change his Twitter profile to be less awkward remains to be seen.

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