Editor’s Note: I the face of abysmal unemployment numbers and runaway entitlements, the Obama administration, as well the GOP puppets, continue to court illegals in order to curry favor at the polls. Currently on offer in some states are free education, amnesty, taxpayer-funded entitlement programs, and jobs that the perpetually underemployed could be filling. Meanwhile, America waits for a sane policy on illegal immigration…

Dave Gibson
March 22, 2012

Harrisonburg, VA – On Tuesday, a group known as Our Community Place held a job fair for those who may have more trouble than  others finding work, including illegal aliens.

The event billed on the group’s website catered to those experiencing “Challenges with addiction, transportation, no training, health, education, no ID, immigration issues, etc?”

And, was “free to anyone in the world and provides refreshments and lunch.”

Despite the fact that it is illegal for them to work in this country, Our Community Place volunteer Sigi Chabrier helps illegal aliens find jobs.

Chabrier told WSHV: “These people are here living in fear that they’re going to get deported. They’re gonna lose their home, their jobs or somehow not get the piece of the American dream that they come here for.”

“I feel so safe now, like to say ‘Hey, I can send you here, whether you’re documented or not or you have a criminal record or not. You can go here and people are going to give you a chance, like they might hire you, they’ll at least take you under consideration,’” Chabrier added.

This country is currently experiencing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. With millions of Americans out of work, record foreclosures and sky-rocketing gas and food prices, it is simply inexcusable for even one job to be given to someone here illegally.

As I always say…For every illegal alien with a job, there is an American without one.

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