Joe Biden tried to own President Trump’s insults against him by repeating them back to a crowd when he remarked, “I think I’m either low IQ or slow — I don’t know”.

The result was somewhat embarrassing.

“I think I’m either low IQ or slow—I don’t know what I am. Slow Joe Biden? Give me a break,” Biden said. “This is like out of Alice in Wonderland.”

Members of the audience appeared bored, with one looking at his phone and another staring at the floor.

“The first rule of politics is to not reinforce your opponent’s attacks by repeating them,” commented Kyle Olsen. “Despite being in elective politics for the last 50 years, Joe Biden apparently didn’t get that memo.”

Although many refer to Biden as “Creepy Uncle Joe,” Trump seems to prefer “Sleepy Joe,” which is probably a consequence of his “low energy” jibe against Jeb Bush working so well during the last campaign.


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