Joe Biden has no idea who he is as he launches his Presidential campaign with a gigantic propagandized lie about the sitting President.

President Trump’s response to the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia riot centered on those in favor of taking the Robert E. Lee Statue down and those against tearing down American history.

These were the people President Trump remarked were fine people on both sides.

In fact, CNN actually reported this fact before spinning it into blatant divisive propaganda claiming President Trump was supporting Neo-Nazis, the very people Trump has condemned repeatedly, only to have the condemnation kept from the public by a leftist criminal media syndicate.

President Trump again tried to clear the air on his original message, only to have it spun into racist propaganda once again.

From the outset, Joe Biden is damaged goods.

He is everything this new wave of Democratic Socialists despises, an arrogant, perverted, over-the-hill go along to get along fifty-year veteran of the Senate responsible for legislation that targeted black neighborhoods riddled with a crack epidemic that Gary Webb exposed as a CIA/Contra drug trafficking operation.

Biden also oversaw the grilling of Anita Hill during the Supreme Court confirmation of Clarence Thomas.

Biden’s oversight refused any of Anita Hill’s witnesses and put her in a “he said she said” situation.

Not only is Joe Biden basically co-opting the make America Great Again message, but he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth claiming he will fix the cultural wounds he and his fellow Democrats have ripped open, wounds that were healing up nicely.

Now, we can be assured that Biden and his cohorts will do all they can to divide and conquer the United States as they unleash the globalists New World Order operation.

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