A line in a court order of an insurance case involving Penn State alleges that in 1976, a child approached former football coach Joe Paterno and informed him of molestation by then-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

The order continues to describe an incident in 1987 in which “a PSU Assistant Coach is alleged to have witnessed inappropriate contact between Sandusky and a child at a PSU facility; in 1988, another PSU Assistant Coach reportedly witnessed sexual contact between Sandusky and a child; and also in 1988 a child’s report of his molestation by Sandusky was allegedly referred to PSU’s Athletic Director.

“There is no evidence that reports of these incidents ever went further up the chain of command at PSU,” the documents, written by Judge Gary S. Glazer, state.

The order stems from a case filed by Penn State’s liability insurer, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Co., which denied coverage on litigation in the case, prompting the university to file a breach of contract suit.

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