Watch this powerful podcast as Edward Snowden spills the secrets of the Deep State and it’s world population surveillance grid to Joe Rogan:

In this highlight reel from Joe Rogan’s over 2 hour interview with whistleblower Ed Snowden, the now infamous leaker tells the podcaster why he decided to speak out in the first place.

Snowden On How 9/11 Changed The U.S. Intelligence Community

Snowden tells Rogan how 9/11 changed the internal operations of the United States’ intelligence community across all of its many agencies.

Joe Rogan Asks Snowden When He Noticed Something Was Wrong Inside The NSA

Snowden explains his personal history with the U.S. intelligence community that led to him discovering something was very wrong within the NSA’s conduct.

Snowden: Data Collection Is Illegal Confiscation Of Personal Property

Snowden explains how digital data corporations and government entities collect from our cell phones, computers, and other personal electronic devices.

Infowars correspondent Will Johnson confronts Democrats who won’t talk to him because he is a black man in a MAGA shirt.

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