In an exclusive interview with Alex Jones, Joe Rogan responded to the video clip showing YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki joking about de-platforming conservatives during the “Recode Decode” conference earlier this week.

“What is Ben Shapiro saying that’s so awful that she wants him removed?” Rogan asked on Friday.

“Like, if you listen to Ben Shapiro, yes he’s conservative, yes he’s religious,” he continued. “But he’s a very reasonable person, a very intelligent person. You’re allowed to disagree with people.”

Rogan went on to say that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even admitted that the left-wing was stuck in an echo chamber of monolithic thought.

“They’re in a left-wing echo chamber, and that’s one of the things that Jack Dorsey actually admitted to,” he said.

“He said it’s one of the reasons why they want to establish some offices outside of their San Francisco bubble. The problem is you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong, and the only way you found out if you’re right is to talk to people who disagree with you, and to honestly and objectively consider whether or not they have a point.”

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