Survival expert and author Joel Skousen told Alex Jones on Sunday the events unfolding in Syria and Turkey are a prelude to a larger conflict designed by the global elite — an endgame that includes a nuclear war and ultimately a militarized world government.

The escalation in Syria, Skousen argues, is intended to draw Russia deeper into the conflict and force it to deploy its most sophisticated high-tech military hardware—such as the advanced S-400 anti-aircraft system—so it can be eavesdropped and analyzed by US intelligence.

Additionally, Skousen breaks down Putin’s phony defense of Christianity as fanatical Wahhabi Muslims kill Christians, burn churches and destroy antiquities.

Skousen also examines the move by France to criminalize dissent following the Paris attacks and how this will be used as a template to undermine and control other political movements in opposition to the global elite and their long-term plan to build a militarized surveillance state.

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