Jurriaan Maessen
August 20, 2009

In a recent hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV refers to John Holdren as “walking on water”- inferring on the current science czar a saint-like status and reaffirming Rockefeller’s admiration of anyone pushing the depopulation agenda his family has propagated for the better part of the 20th century. In the current century, it seems, the family is no less committed to its age-old objectives.

Jay Rockefeller: “Dr. Holdren, I don’t want to embarrass you, but I sometimes refer to you as walking on water.”

At the hearing, focusing primarily on the possible creation of a “National Climate Service”, Rockefeller took off his hat for Holdren, saying:

“The President, I think, has surrounded himself with some of the most brilliant choices.” After this disturbing introduction, Rockefeller addressed the science czar directly, stating:

Dr. Holdren, I don’t want to embarrass you, but I sometimes refer to you as walking on water.”

This disgusting statement just about says it all. It reflects the Rockefeller’s long-time devotion to depopulation and eugenics perfectly well. It also illustrates the prime goal of the Obama administration and its crony’s.


Like for example, Frank Alix, CEO of a New Hampshire company specialising in removing carbon from coal-burning emissions, receiving the big contracts in this day of shrouded eugenics and run amok environmentalism. Alix testified before Rockefeller earlier this year, apparently after Holdren suggested having him testify before the Commerce Committee. Alluding to such a backroom deal, Rockefeller stated:

“That may be the end of your career. But, you know, we brought that 5 percent carbon guy from New Hampshire and had him sit right where you are and he told us all about it because you told me about it. A really superb technical scientific team. And everything else: The questions we ask and how do Americans understand all of this and react to it is incredibly important. But what we need to know that is already in place and working is the top part of the team—spreading out and coordinating superb thinking, superb arguments and, you know, a superb policy.”

That John D. Rockefeller felt prone to complement eugenicist John Holdren openly is a telling sign that the elite’s members no longer feel inclined to hide themselves behind stalwart stoicism. The present administration, with all its immoral views on human life, apparently provides these New World Order chieftains with the confidence to applaud each other’s ideas right out in the open.



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