Join Me: I am a Former Football Player and Coach who Pledges to Boycott the NFL including its Corporate Associates and Media Outlets

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December 4, 2013

The recent decision made by the NFL refusing to allow a proposed commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl in January of 2014 regarding the rifle manufacturer Daniel Defense which is clear political discrimination preventing viewers the chance to think about the real purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

The commercial was said to be offensive when it is the opposite promoting the family and a man’s God given right to protect his wife and children without showing a single gun to avoid confrontation and it was well produced and creative, unlike most commercials aired during the Super bowl.

I am a former player and Varsity high school football coach from 1998-2013 and lifelong fan who pledges to participate in the total boycott of the NFL and I am asking other former players and coaches at any and all levels to join this crucially important boycott.

It is apparent that the NFL is being used as a tool to keep people distracted from politics and reality instead of just simply entertainment purposes only like it should.

The NFL must understand it should not promote any political agenda including the sexual harassment and restrictions imposed on fans entering the stadium by the TSA.

We must put an end to this brainwashing and make the NFL fear intermingling with politics by not watching or attending games and stop buying from the NFL’s major sponsors in order to send a message that we will not comply.

This will drop ratings for the football games hurting the networks and the sales for the multiple corporations who fund the NFL and this would hurt them financially in order to insure they do not increase the attack on our constitution.

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The reason the NFL is such a successful tool is the fact that leaders in the social community like coaches and players usually have one or both of two attributes physical strength and leadership experience and the government fears our capabilities.

The unfortunate fact about the current situation is we are using our God given gifts to help improve a game and nothing bigger when we can use these talents to help change the world for the better by using our ability to lead and organize during this time of great need for our country.

The reason we have been full out targeted via football is the fact that it is entertaining but when football becomes a tool for political propaganda to distract us from applying these traits to helping game plan against tyranny we are only helping it prosper in the land of the free.

We must draw the line and speak with our wallets and televisions until the NFL returns to entertainment purposes only because we have been targeted due to fear of what we can do if we stop fighting over our favorite teams and apply our intelligence to the real world.

Please any former or current players and coaches at every and all levels join me and participate in the total Boycott of the NFL in order to impact not simply a game but the very future of our nation and if we choose to accept tyranny or demand liberty.

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