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September 20, 2010

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart along with Stephen Colbert are announcing counter-Beck rallies at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30, 2010. Stewart’s is for “Restoring Sanity”, Colbert’s is for keeping “Fear Alive”. While both of these guys have done some pretty amazing work pulling down the pants of right wing hypocrisy and government lunacy, they are nonetheless serving the unhelpful role of left wing progressive gate keepers by once again referring to 9/11 Truth activism as “conspiracy” stuff.

Stewart mocked “those who believe Obama is a secret-Muslim planning a socialist takeover of America so he can force his radical liberation Christianity down our throats or that Bush let 9/11 happen so that Dick Cheney could pad his Halliburton stock portfolio– you’ve seen their signs: Obama is Hitler; Bush is Hitler.” Now Stewart has signs of his own, largely targeting the allegedly “extremists” elements of the Tea Party, but also that of 9/11 truth.

Watch video at this link: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-september-16-2010/rally-to-restore-sanity

Jon Stewart trashes 9/11 truth


Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert find different ways to answer Glenn Beck

Orlando Sentinel
September 20, 2010

Glenn Beck should be flattered.

Two major Comedy Central stars are answering the Fox News star’s rally in Washington. The Restoring Honor Rally took place at the Lincoln Memorial in August.

Jon Stewart announced Thursday that he will offer the Rally to Restore Sanity — a head-on answer to Beck – Oct. 30 on the National Mall in Washington. The announcement came on “The Daily Show,” where Stewart frequently ridicules Beck’s style and outlook.

Stephen Colbert is going the ironic route with his competing March to Keep Fear Alive, also set for Oct. 30. Colbert announced his rally Thursday on “The Colbert Report.”

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