The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorist group has wiped out the border separating Iraq and Syria in the north and is making its way to Jordan, retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely said on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

“We understand their next big move will be against Jordan, and that is very critical because if that border goes down, then the threat to take down the borders into Israel becomes very apparent, and we know the ultimate takedown over there is Israel,” Vallely said.

Unrest in the Middle East is spreading rapidly, with numerous factions looking to establish a caliphate, an all-Islamic state.

In Syria, forces of President Bashar al-Assad are attacking civilians, particularly hospitals where they are “taking out doctors and nurses,” Vallely said. Medical staff can no longer wear white smocks because it makes them a target of militants.

Then there are al-Qaida and ISIS. The former is fighting to topple the Assad regime, while ISIS members have captured large swaths of Iraq with their eyes now set on Jordan.

None of the other Gulf States are getting involved, which Vallely attributes to the United States remaining idle except for deploying a few hundred Special Forces to the region.

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