King Abdullah II of Jordan says the world is not doing enough to confront and defeat the “evil force” of extremists and terrorists who “seek global dominance” and want to “drag us back to the dark ages.”

“How can we be effective in this fight when we haven’t clearly defined who the enemy is? Who are we fighting with? And who are we fighting against?” Abdullah asked the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

Adullah said he’s struck by the “lack of understanding of the true nature of  Islam” that he sees among many Western officials, think tanks, media and policymakers.

“I find myself stating the obvioius again and again,” he said. “False perceptions of Islam and of Muslims will fuel the terrorist agenda of a global struggle, by polarizing and factionalizing societies East and West, each side stigmatizing the other, each driven deeper into mistrust and intolerance.

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