Univision host Jorge Ramos claimed that the vast majority of the migrant caravan members were not “criminals” or “terrorists” even as several of them hid their faces while walking past a television camera.

“The vast majority of these people are not criminals, they’re not terrorists, and they’re not even immigrants. They’re refugees,” said Ramos.

Even in spinning his narrative, Ramos appeared to admit that some of them may indeed be criminals and terrorists.

This was subsequently proven in some people’s eyes by the fact that several of the migrants covered their faces as they walked past Ramos to hide from the television camera.


“Several men and at least one woman were seen covering their faces as they passed by the camera.” writes Chris Menahan.


As we highlighted earlier, according to reporter Sarah Carter, several men she met traveling as part of the migrant caravan also admitted to being members of the MS-13 gang.

The Washington Post also acknowledged yesterday that some of the migrants had already been deported from the United States for committing crimes.

Ramos used his 6 minute Fox News interview to deny that the migrant caravan represented an “invasion” of the United States and that the migrants were refugees fleeing for their own safety.

This is contradicted by numerous interviews with migrants who said they were coming as economic migrants.


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