A New York Post journalist was suspended by Twitter for posting an image of one of self-proclaimed “Communist” Carlos Maza’s family mansions, despite Maza himself doing exactly the same thing last month and facing no consequences.

In an article entitled YouTube socialist Carlos Maza slams the wealthy but lived in luxury, Jon Levine exposed how Maza rails against the rich yet enjoys all the privileges of being from an extremely wealthy family.

Maza’s family owns multiple “mega-mansions” and his mother’s partner is Scott Scherr, whose net worth runs into the hundreds of millions if not billions.

Despite this, Maza uses his channel as a platform to advocate for Communism and ‘eating the rich’.

“If Maza wants to start eating the rich, he may have to begin with his own family,” wrote Levine.

However, when the journalist posted an image of one of Maza’s family mansions to Twitter, he was swiftly suspended and asked to delete the tweet to regain access to his account.

“Despite initially calling their decision to lock my account “an error” — Twitter locked me out again a few hours later over the same Carlos Maza story, I have reluctantly deleted the tweet and I’m sharing with you some of the timeline here,” tweeted Levine.

His original tweets that showed the mansions are now gone and replaced with the message “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

However, Maza himself posted an image of James Carville’s home just last month while complaining about Carville’s wealth. He faced zero action from Twitter for engaging in the exact same behavior as Levine.

As always with Silicon Valley, it’s one rule for leftists and another for conservatives.

Levine has been punished not because he violated a rule but because he embarrassed Carlos Maza.

Maza made headlines last year after he tried to force YouTube into banning Steven Crowder over insults directed towards Maza, who was subsequently left Vox and started his own YouTube channel.


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