Corporate journalists are triggered over a $9.90 pair of boxer shorts emblazoned with the phrase ‘Fake News’ sold by Forever 21.

A local reporter with the Baltimore Sun publicly blasted Forever 21 for selling the shorts, yet her tweet might actually sell more shorts since she’s giving the product more publicity than it likely had before.

Another local journalist – a sports reporter – suggested the shorts expressed “hatred for journalists.”

Forever 21 described the biker shorts as “a pair of knit biker shorts featuring an elasticized waist and allover ‘Fake News’ text graphic:”

Twitter has made headlines recently as the center of “outrage culture” in which users publicly blast companies over products that usually seem rather innocuous, with the hope that their tweets will force the products from store shelves.

Case in point, Macy’s pulled ‘Mom Jeans’ plates from store shelves after Twitter users claimed they promoted “fat shaming.”

The plates featured three circles representing portion sizes starting from the smallest ‘Skinny Jeans’ near the middle and expanding outward to the ‘Mom Jeans’ circle.

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