During an appearance on Tuesday’s broadcast of The View, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) was scolded by Joy Behar for using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus.

Kelly joined the program to discuss a lawsuit he filed against Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf for lockdowns orders issued in the name of COVID-19.

As a coronavirus survivor, Wolf has firsthand experience with the illness.

After being asked by Whoopie Goldberg how he could support reopening the state after he had the virus, Kelly explained that many areas of Pennsylvania have little to no coronavirus cases at all.

“By the way,” he said. “I did take hydroxychloroquine. I took it very early. My doctor prescribed it for me and I got through the coronavirus.”

Appearing completely shocked, Joy Behar asked Kelly, “Did you just say that you took the hydrochloroquine? My sound is a little weird.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kelly nodded. “I took it.”

“Wow!” Behar exclaimed. “I can’t believe anybody with a brain would take that stuff, but you seem like an intelligent guy. You’re a representative in Congress. Why would you take that drug? There are terrible consequences.”

Kelly responded by saying, “That’s your view, that’s not my view and we’re on The View.”

He went on to say he felt as if he is a “relatively intelligent guy” who simply did what his doctor suggested.

On Monday, President Trump shocked the world by announcing he has been taking hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus preventative for nearly two weeks.

“Hydroxychloroquine. I’m taking it. I have been taking it,” Trump said. “A couple of weeks ago I started taking it.”

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