Joy Reid devoted a segment of her MSNBC show this morning to attacking recently-enacted state laws on abortion. Reid teased the segment by saying the Christian far-right is trying to “send women back to the Dark Ages . . . turning all of America into Gilead from the Handmaid’s Tale.”

During the ensuing segment, it was suggested that the people enacting these laws have no interest in protecting children, but just want to turn women into pregnancy “vessels.” Dr. Leana Wen, the President of Planned Parenthood, said that the laws are all about “oppression, misogyny, power, and control over women’s bodies.”

One striking thing about this and every other segment on the issue that I’ve seen: Not one person defending Roe makes any serious argument to the effect that the case was rightly decided under the Constitution. They simply can’t.

The Roe opinion, written by Justice Harry Blackmun, declared that the Constitution created a “fundamental right” to abortion because it was within the “penumbra” of the constitutional right to privacy. Except that the Constitution never spoke of a “right to privacy.” And a penumbra is a shadow. So the “fundamental” right to abortion rests on the shadow of a right that doesn’t exist.

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Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims, a democrat and LGBT activist, attempted to dox Christians praying outside of a planned parenthood abortion clinic and even posted a video of this interaction on social media. Alex breaks down the hypocrisy of the left that attempts to “shame” conservatives and Christians for their beliefs.

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