Update 3: President Trump is set to make his first speech after the Roger Stone sentencing:

Update 2: Judge Jackson has just sentenced Stone for 40 months, according to sources.

Update: Judge Jackson says she’s going to give Stone a harsher sentence due to his social media presence, which is clearly a violation on Stone’s First Amendment rights on top of the unconstitutional gag order placed on Stone during his trial. The Obama-appointed judge was throwing mixed signals all morning, first by considering six years, then apparently 11 years, then stating that Stone would get a “harsher sentence” due to his social media, and the sentence finally came down to 40 months.

The federal judge sentencing Roger Stone has hinted that she will not go easy on him.

Alex Jones breaks down the sentencing LIVE. Tune in below to get the up-to-date news quicker:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is considering at least six to 11 years for Stone, according to reporters at the trial, including our very own Owen Shroyer. That said, Jackson also suggested that the nine year sentence was “excessive.”

But Berman just unraveled the entire case against Stone:

And of course Shroyer is on-the-ground in Washington D.C. delivering bombshell revelations as they emerge.

Alex Jones breaks down the globalists’ agenda to cull the population.

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