Involvement of Harry Reid seen as ominous

Paul Joseph Watson
April 15, 2014

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News today that he was “fearful” of what might happen next in the Cliven Bundy dispute, noting that Senator Harry Reid’s assertion that the situation is “not over” could be an ominous sign.

“I’m actually a little fearful because although the government appears to have backed down now, their local mouthpiece Senator Harry Reid said it’s not over,” said Napolitano, referring to comments Reid made yesterday.

Napolitano again criticized the federal government’s heavy handed methods in the dispute, choosing to steal Bundy’s property rather than file a lien against him in order to claim the grazing fees they claim he owes.

The judge sees Reid inserting himself into the saga as a troubling indication, suggesting it’s a sign that the feds will “probably will move back in,” with a new “show of force,” but that they will be met by ” a lot of resistance from a lot of patriotic Americans who don’t like the federal government using guns to do what they should be doing with paper and pencil.”

Napolitano also pointed out that Reid’s former advisor Neil Kornze is now director of the Bureau of Land Management and that Reid “obviously has a personal and political relationship” with the dispute.

As we documented in a story that went viral, Reid’s son Rory Reid was the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm planning to build a $5 billion solar plant on public land in Laughlin, Nevada, a deal that was pushed through with the aid of Senator Reid. When a document was discovered on the Bureau of Land Management website confirming that the seizure of Bundy’s cattle was about kicking the cattle rancher off the land to make way for solar energy projects, the BLM deleted the web page.

Rory Reid today launched what the Daily Caller described as “a small-scale PR campaign against the ranchers” when he called for Bundy to be prosecuted.

In a separate interview, Judge Napolitano expressed his shock at seeing BLM agents armed with M16’s, stating, “It really looked like they were fighting a war against a foreign invader rather than enforcing a judgment against an American.”

Napolitano’s sentiments echo those of former Congressman Ron Paul, who told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he fears a Waco-style assault may be launched against Bundy’s ranch.

The establishment media has largely ignored Harry Reid’s bombshell connection to the Bundy siege, which is documented in the video below.

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