With confirmation that former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort was indeed wiretapped before and after the election by the Obama administration, Judge Andrew Napolitano has speculated that it may have been an effort to help Hilary Clinton secure the Presidency.

“Were they listening to Paul Manafort during the campaign in order to find out what Donald Trump was going to do next in the campaign and help Hillary?” Napolitano speculated.

“Were they listening to Paul Manafort because they thought he had committed a crime?”Napolitano followed up.

“Were they listening to Paul Manafort because they were looking for something with which to tarnish the future president?” he further asked.

Napolitano noted that it is not known whether the wiretapping was conducted under a FISA or a regular warrant, and explained the significant distinction.

He noted that the only way the government could have legitimately eavesdropped on Manafort to get information on Trump, is if they had evidence of crimes being committed.

Napolitano also noted that Trump’s assertions six months ago that Obama had wiretapped his building now appear to be completely accurate.

“They were surveiling Paul Manafort while he was in Trump Tower, which is absolutely consistent with allegations that Donald Trump and others made about this.” Napolitano said.

Napolitano also pointed out that both FBI director James Comey and Mike Rogers, head of the NSA both testified under oath that they knew of no surveillance of Donald Trump.

“How could the FBI director not know about this if his people had brought it about as part of a criminal investigation?!” an exasperated Napolitano exclaimed.

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