Judge Andrew Napolitano told FOX Business earlier today that the political class “must have known about” Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s alleged sexual abuse of women before it became public.

Napolitano said that the speed of Schneiderman’s resignation suggests people in positions of power had prior knowledge.

“It must have been bubbling below the surface and the governor and the political class must have known about it,” said Napolitano.

“I have not seen a resignation on the basis of just allegations this fast in recent years, I can’t even think of one that happened this quickly,” he added.

Judge Napolitano also said that any potential court case would be Schneiderman’s word against his four accusers, but if the jury were to come down against him, the former AG would be facing “a lot of jail time”.

President Trump’s 2013 suggestion that Schneiderman was a “crook” has likely come to fruition, with the president no doubt feeling vindicated, especially given the fact that Schneiderman is working with Robert Mueller on Paul Manafort’s case.

Following yesterday’s revelation of the allegations against Schneiderman, which include claims that he threatened to kill women if they broke up with him and called his Sri Lankan girlfriend his “brown slave,” Jack Posobiec pointed out Schneiderman’s close ties to other powerful political figures.





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