COMMENT: The judge in this case has argued that Parliament declared government the autocratic ‘right’ to add fluoride to water against the will of the public. Though the judge dismissed the complaint, the fact that the judge was challenged by the public over forced medicating their water supply forced the issue into the public eye.

Only days ago, the Calgary voted to stop fluoridation. This is another sign that our resistance to fluoridation is having an effect worldwide. So-called authorities over public health issues will be forced to use strong armed tactics if the public keeps saying “no” on common sense issues. As this article demonstrates, the fluoride issue is hitting directly against the fault line of classical free will and the State’s assumed authority over the people.

Jenny Hope
UK Daily Mail
February 12, 2011

Plans to add fluoride to tap water in a major city were endorsed by a judge yesterday despite overwhelming public opposition.

Hampshire council and three quarters of residents oppose the plans drawn up by the strategic health authority. But dentists say the scheme will cut tooth decay in children. [Emphasis added]

Editor’s note: The supposed benefit to teeth is not what it’s cracked up to be and serves as a distraction to the primary issue with fluoride; see video at bottom of article.

Refusing a claim for judicial review by Southampton mother-of-three Geraldine Milner, the judge said there had been no illegality.

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‘It is important to stress that our democratic Parliament decided long ago that water can, in certain circumstances, be fluoridated,’ he added.

‘It is not the law that fluoridation can occur only when a majority of the local population agree. Parliament has firmly entrusted area-specific decision making to the relevant strategic health authority.

Miss Milner’s counsel, David Wolfe, said the health authority’s decision meant that approximately 195,000 people in Southampton and parts of south-west Hampshire ‘would have fluoride added to their water whether they liked it or not’.

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