Jenny Deam
LA Times
October 28, 2012

In weighing intense public interest in the Aurora movie massacre against the potential compromise of victim and witness privacy, the judge in the case has ruled in favor of transparency — although much of the evidence against suspect James E. Holmes will remain sealed.

District Judge William Sylvester of the 18th Judicial District has opened large portions of a previously redacted case file and denied most of the prosecution and defense joint arguments that the names of the 12 killed and at least 58 injured in the July 20 rampage be resealed. The names, however, were already made public when portions of the case file were opened last month.

“Redaction at this point would be largely symbolic and have very little practical effect,” Sylvester wrote in a Friday ruling. He added that the names of new victims that were listed in recent documents adding more criminal charges against Holmes also would be made public.

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