Kurt Nimmo
July 19, 2012

The Oregon man who took off his clothes in the Portland airport to protest the TSA’s intrusive molestation pat-downs has been found not guilty by Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge David Rees.

“I was aware of the irony of removing my clothes to protect my privacy,” John Brennan said from the witness stand on Wednesday.

In April, Brennan was scheduled to fly to San Jose, California, on a business trip. After he declined to go through a TSA naked body porno scanner, he was subjected to an intrusive pat-down. At that point the TSA claimed it detected nitrates.

“For me, time slowed down,” Brennan said. “I thought about nitrates and I thought about the Oklahoma City bombing.”

The nitrate detection was the final straw for Brennan after months of being subjected to the TSA’s intrusive procedures.

He decided to take off his clothes in protest . Brennan was arrested by Portland Police and taken to the Multnomah County Jail.

He had asked for a jury trial but was turned down.

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