A former county magistrate court judge in Georgia claims in a lawsuit that he was fired as the result of a conspiracy among state Superior Court judges who were angered that his refusal to grant illegal arrest warrants in his courtroom increased their workload.

In his complaint, which was filed in the federal court in Macon, Ga., William Hughley says that he was hired as an associate magistrate judge for Upson County in 1991.

Hughley, who is black, says at the time of his hire there was a federal order in effect mandating the appointment of minorities as associate magistrate judges. He also says he served as a magistrate judge without his appointment being formally consented to or approved by state Superior Court judges from 1991 until his removal in 2013.

Hughley states that “As judge, Plaintiff would have a police officer named Phillip Tobin (hereinafter ‘Officer Tobin’) seek warrants in Plaintiffs courtroom.”

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