David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin
February 3, 2010

Winnfield, Louisiana — A judge has sealed a potentially explosive videotape taken in the aftermath of a racially charged incident in this small central Louisiana town two years ago.

[efoods]On January 17, 2008, an unarmed man — wanted on what police said was an outstanding arrest warrant — was struck by a 50,000-volt Taser nine times within the space of 14 minutes.

The suspect, Baron “Scooter” Pikes, was handcuffed during each separate Taser incident, according to the Winnfield Police Department. The officer who fired the Taser, Scott Nugent, is white. Pikes, who was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital, was black.

CNN’s account of the incident in the summer of 2008 relied on interviews at the time with the local parish coroner, the police and an attorney for the family of the victim.


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