Top judges have told a mother she cannot call her baby girl ‘Cyanide’ after the poison that killed Adolf Hitler because it might harm the child.

The mum, who also chose the name ‘Preacher’ for her daughter’s twin brother, insisted that she had a human right to name her own children.

She said ‘Cyanide’ was a “lovely, pretty name” and had positive connotations as the poison which ended the lives of both Hitler and Goebbels.

But, in the first case of its kind, Appeal Court judges ruled that it was an “extreme” case and that the mother’s “unusual” choices might harm her children.

The mum has a chaotic history of mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and relationships with abusive men, said Lady Justice King.

The twins were said to have been “conceived as a result of rape” and they, as well as the mother’s three older children, had all been taken from her care.

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