Patrick Henningsen
April 17, 2012

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made a career out of feeding the media with millions of documents, as well as being interviewed on his political situation, both of which have landed him in hot water with the US State Department and the British Foreign Office. Following 500 days awaiting extradition under house arrest in rural Great Britain, Assange has managed to turn the media tables, with Russia Today initiating him the host of their new talk show, The World Tomorrow.

In media terms, Assange has managed to catch a very big fish. His debut guest is not just any political heavyweight, but one whom every western journalist would love to get in front of the camera, but have failed to, mainly because  from the West’s perspective, Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah has been a “no-go area” – categorically classed as an international terrorist by the US, UK, NATO allies and of course, Israel.

In a fairly candid and insightful interview with Nasrallah, the two men cover a number of subjects including the Syrian proxy war, the Palestinian occupation, religion and the wider nature of geopolitics in the Middle East.  

For alternative media audiences, it will certainly be encouraging to see a network like RT take on such an ambitious program, and no doubt, RT will be the target of incredible criticism from the US, Israel and its allies in the weeks and months to come for airing such an interview. Watch:


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