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July 7, 2009

[efoods]The month of June was a hot month for drug busts along the southern border.

On June 18, border agents at the Interstate 35 inspection station stopped nearly a thousand pounds of marijuana and seven illegal aliens from entering the U.S.

Customs and Border Patrol agents at the Laredo, TX, station inspected the driver of a tractor-trailer entering the U.S. from Mexico. A Border Patrol canine team detected either hidden people or contraband in the trailer.

Agents searched the trailer and found several cellophane-wrapped bundles stacked with a load of beer. The marijuana totaled 995.6 pounds and had an estimated street value of $796,480.

On June 20, agents at the same checkpoint performed an immigration inspection on the driver of a tractor-trailer from Mexico. A Border Patrol canine alerted agents to the truck’s cab where they discovered seven undocumented aliens hiding in the sleeper.

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