The whole “Easter worshippers” meme was dropped on Wednesday with the New York Times reporting that “mobs of Christian men in Sri Lanka” have allegedly been “threatening and beating Muslims.”

Note they specifically identify “Christians” as the attackers and “Muslims” as the victims.

Contrast that with their front page in the aftermath of the Sri Lanka terrorist suicide bombing attacks where no mention was made of Muslims being the attackers nor Christians being the victims.

Their attempted narrative control didn’t go unnoticed:

Alex Jones sits down with One America News Reporter Jack Posobiec ( @JackPosobiec ) to discuss the publics obsession with Game Of Thrones, the brainwashing zombification of the masses and why cargo shorts are the latest conspiracy promoted by the left.

Even though this was the deadliest Muslim terrorist attack since 9/11, the suffering of those killed and their families takes a backseat in the media to the fear of a “backlash” among Muslims.

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