The media and the high priests of pop culture are once again reminding us that the most virulent form of bigotry is the bigotry of low expectations.

They are currently subjecting Kanye West to round the clock persecution because he dared violate a sacred cow of celebrity authodoxy – expressing dissatisfaction with cliched left-wing dogma.

Kanye’s thought crime? Endorsing a sitting president.

The hip hop star reportedly told Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden, “I love Donald Trump.”

Why should it be “controversial” for a celebrity to support the President of the United States?

How did our view of freedom of speech and freedom of thought become so tainted and sullied that this can cause mass outrage?

According to Twitter, this makes Kanye “far-right”. According to Cenk Yugur, this opinion makes Kanye, “One of the dumbest guys in the country.”

If anything, Kanye’s outspoken tweetstorm makes him one of the bravest guys in the country.

In a week when Shania Twain had to grovel and apologize to a baying online mob merely for suggesting she would have voted for Trump, we are reminded that celebrities have become so dull and pop culture so sterile that a prominent performer merely daring to say anything interesting is such a rare event.

Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, you have to admire Kanye for going up against a machine, albeit one gradually losing power, that swallows up the careers of anyone who steps out of line.

Kanye also resonates with Candace Owens’ message of personal empowerment for black people and moving away from the mindset of permanent victimhood.

For that, Kanye is being smeared and derided by virtually every major media outlet and commentator in the west.

While conservatives will obviously waste no time in exploiting Kanye’s comments for their own political grist, the real story here isn’t Kanye moving to the right or becoming Trump’s “black twin,” as Yugur claims.

The real question to ask is this; When did the left’s opinion of African-Americans become so low that they automatically assume all black people should think the same and that those who don’t should be ridiculed, demonized and smeared?


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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