John Kasich is worried.

Nobody knows who he is. “My greatest challenge,” he told Katie Couric, “is really not against anybody else. My greatest challenge is to become known. My greatest challenge is for people to hear me, because they don’t.”

How to get people to hear him?

Attack the Republican frontrunner.

He told Couric Trump’s a bully. “He’s trying to bully me.  I mean—everybody knows he bullies everybody.  And look, I’m not after Donald personally,” he said.

Kasich is at 3% in the polls. He’s at the bottom of the heap. Even Chris Christie is doing better.

How to get traction?

Attack the frontrunner.

Kasich released a political ad over the weekend. It doesn’t talk about things most Americans are concerned about—a flat economy, scarce jobs, terrorism, the health care mess, taxes, immigration.

Instead, Kasich attacks Trump.

For supposedly placating Putin and the Russians.

“Freedom matters. We must stand up for Ukraine and stand up to Putin. Donald Trump sure won’t,” proclaims a description posted with the video on Youtube.

The Ohio governor thinks mimicking the neocons will get him in the White House.

“We’re not interested in military cooperation in Syria with Russia,” Kasich said in October. “Their only interest is in propping up their puppet, Assad. They used the pretext of ISIS to go in and bomb rebels who are trying to remove Assad.”

Rebels. Like al-Nusra.

Rebels who want sharia law and a Wahhabi principality in Syria.

“No more dickering, no more delaying, no more negotiations, he has to go,” said Kasich. “The longer we look at the void that America has created in this world, the more chaos we have. The time has come for the United States to act.”

How to act? Confront Russia. Support Ukraine. Establish a no-fly zone over Syria and shoot down Russian planes.

“You enter that no-fly zone, you enter at your own peril. No more red lines, no more looking the other way. If any hostile aircraft should enter that, there will be a great consequence to them.”

No more dickering. No more negotiations.

The consequence is direct conflict between two nuclear armed super powers.

It’s a good thing Kasich is at the bottom of the heap.

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