Officials are putting strict new limits on how many painkillers doctors in Ohio are allowed to prescribe after a report released Wednesday shows overdose deaths spiked again in 2016.

Data released by the Ohio Department of Health Wednesday shows opioid overdose deaths increased last year over the record breaking numbers seen in 2015. Roughly 11 people die each day in the state from accidental overdoses, with the majority of deaths connected to heroin and fentanyl combinations, reports FOX 45 Now.

Deaths from drug overdoses increased by exactly 1,000 over 2015, totaling 4,050. In response, Republican Gov. John Kasich announced he is placing new restrictions on opioids, limiting prescriptions to a seven-day supply for adults and a five-day supply for minors.

“When you’re dispensing this stuff, in some aspects its like walking around with a loaded gun,” Kasich said at a press conference Wednesday, according to FOX 45 Now. “You have a responsibility to do this the right way.”

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