Popular Labour MP for Vauxhall has slammed the mainstream media over their lack of coverage of Christians slaughtered by Islamic Militants in Nigeria.

Hoey tweeted:

Kate Hoey is a strong Brexit supporter and is highly regarded for her local service. She is highly critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s about turn on the EU as he is a lifelong euro-sceptic from a left wing point of view.

Whilst all decent people are in agreement that Christchurch Mosque Terror attack was an atrocity many have agreed with Kate Hoey in exposing what they feel is a double standard of the mainstream media in the UK and the world.

One Twitter user commented: “Totally agree Kate. The MSM is somehow swayed towards certain atrocities but not others”

Another also opined: “It seems a weekly event that our media doesn’t highlight what we all see happening. By default they’re increasing tensions by acting like these events are trivialities. Like the media coverage over ISIS members, ignoring yazidi victims. Our news is often morally corrupt.”

Kate Hoey also took part in the march to leave at the weekend and it is looking likely she will vote against Theresa May’s much despised Brexit deal once more increasing her popularity even further.

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