Kathy Griffin’s outrageous publicity stunt Tuesday didn’t go as planned, as depicted in new art from political cartoonist Ben Garrison.

Griffin received widespread backlash after starring in a photo shoot in which she held a severed bloody head made to resemble US President Donald Trump.

Infowars is launching a new $200,000 contest to expose CNN’s Kathy Griffin and mainstream media’s call for violence.

$1,000 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “œCNN is ISIS” t-shirt or sign.
$2,500 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “CNN is ISIS sign” and who also is heard to say, Infowars.com.

Check out the contest at https://www.infowars.com/200k-cash-prizes-infowars-launches-operation-expose-terrorist-mediakathy-griffin/.

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