Deranged leftist comedian Kathy Griffin played the victim card after she was confronted by a heckler during a show, who asked why she never reported her pedophile brother to authorities.

The exchange was uploaded on Monday by Twitter user @PGHowie2, who filmed himself asking Griffin, “Did you confront your brother about being a pedophile?” before being shouted down by the crowd.

The comment was intended to highlight the hypocrisy between Griffin’s actions and her treatment of newly-officiated SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, according to BNL News.

The confrontation went even more viral after Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the exchange, which likely prompted a wave of Trump supporters to tweet at Griffin.

In response, Griffin tweeted a lengthy screed claiming she didn’t deserve to be continually harassed for the ill-thought-out act she committed last year, where she clutched a bloody severed head depicting President Trump, which she says only “some people took issue with.”

She then threatened Don Jr., telling him to “keep trying me motherfucker.”

She next tried to claim the issue came down to the right’s war on female comedians.

Griffin also claimed she feared being assassinated by “GOP/Pizzagate/QAnon people” – despite reports of increased violence being perpetrated by the left.

Griffin used tweets labeled V) and W) to plug her upcoming shows and merch.

Griffin’s eldest brother, Kenny, was an admitted pedophile who she claims tried to initiate sexual advances on her at an early age.

@PGHowie2 has previously confronted other high profile figures such as former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden.


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