May 5, 2008

CBS anchor Katie Couric told members of We Are Change that she would support a new 9/11 investigation "if there’s enough public support," after first commenting that she’d "have to think about it."

Gary Talis, of We Are Change, also cited the Jersey Girls, who first pressed for the inquiries that became the 9/11 Commission. Couric said she knew them, seeming concerned at the idea their questions had been largely ignored.

"The commission definitely had some issues," Couric admitted.

Couric added that she herself had done a 60 Minutes piece about the respiratory illness that 9/11 rescue workers from the pile now face and was certainly concerned about that aspect of 9/11 truth issues.

Talis also spoke briefly with Jeff Greenfield, also a CBS correspondent, who was dismissive of a new 9/11 investigation and quickly walked away after commenting:

"A lot of people have views like that who are very strange," Greenfield said.

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